About Us

MICROFIBRES was established in 1926. It developed into a multi-million dollar company that one time or another operated plants in the US, and China. It made nylon velvets using flocking techniques. A lot of the equipment used was developed by Indev, a division of MICROFIBRES.

The MICROFIBRES’ brands were known throughout the word for innovative designs and superior quality. The company competed in upholstery, baby car seat, wall paper, carpet matts, dog bed, cut fiber, mattress and apparel markets. The majority of the company’s products are made with nylon 66. This produces very soft but durable products that are also Eko-Tex certified as being friendly to the environment.

In February 2017, the MICROFIBRES assets, including all intellectual property, were acquired by Ilkiz Group, making the Group the largest flocking company in the world.

General Info

To be the best supplier, in markets we choose to operate, by dedicating ourselves to continually improving the quality of our products and exceeding customer requirements faster and more consistently than our competition.

Quality Policy

In our company, quality shall mean conformance to customers’ specifications through the process of continuous improvement and active involvement of all MICROFIBRES employees. We will treat each customer the way we expect suppliers treat us.

Mission Statement;

We are working to create economic value with our leadership, trustful and prestigious brands. We are working to create business value for our business partners and suppliers with the win-win principle. We are working to create value for the world and people’s life with our new technologies, and innovative products.

And we know that if you want to create values for other people, first of all you should have yours.