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Protect Line

Hygiene technology, healthy and easy life with trusted materials and high technology products.

Tested according to Anti Viral & Microbial ISO standards.


Naturally protect your fabrics in its trusted raw materials.

Passively Anti Viral & Microbial Protections Guard

Resource Efficient

Our fabric’ raw materials protect you passively and naturally without harmful chemicals.

Hygiene Processes

All production processes are strictly adapted to top class textile and ISO standards.

Trusted Materials

Our raw materials tested microbial and viral according to ISO standards.

Wash & Clean Protection

You can wash and clean all Protect Line fabrics with ease. Please check our “How to use” recommandations.


Creating special fabric options for your customers? We can gained active protection specs to all fabrics to we produced.

Microfibres farbrics have high ultraviolet resistance who wants to use it longer lifes. UV Lights doesn’t harm your fabrics anymore.

Flames doesn’t turn to a big fire with flame retardancy. Thus you can put the fire out on the time. Don’t worry about flames anymore.

Fabrics doesn’t absorb any liquids with liquid repellency. Don't worry about fall off any liquids.

You can wash and clean all Protect Line fabrics. Your customers will love this a lot. Ease your life with easy clean products.

You can also add our active protection features when ordering your fabrics.

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