Astragan Rot

  • COMPOSITION %25 PES %43 PAN %30 PA %2 PU
  • WEIGHT 510 ± 25 gr/m²
  • OEKO-TEX View Pdf

Available Colors

Compatible Fabrics

  • Nubuck Sintra


  • Nubuck Shammy


  • Nubuck Mesa


  • Nubuck Fergus


  • Nubuck Derrix


  • Nubuck Corby


  • Nubuck Brick


  • Astragan Canton


  • Antelope


Some Recommendations

How to Use?

Dust and chemicals in the air cause the fabric to deform. Cleaning (washing or dry cleaning) of upholstery and drapery fabrics should be done in accordance with the instructions given.*Do not expose fabrics to direct sunlight. Especially dark colors fade faster than others. Therefore, consider this possibility while making your choice.*Keep your product 25 cm away from the heater and at least 1 m away from heat sources such as electric or solid fuel stoves.*Keep your product away from environments which have dust, humidity and direct sunlight*Make sure that hard and sharp objects do not stay stuck to the fabric. If you have pets, be careful not to damage the fabric.*Do not use alcohol-containing bleaches such as chemicals, soap, bleach, wet wipes for cleaning.*Due to the use of flocked fabrics with a high pile height, the piles may lie in one direction after a certain period of time. This may create the impression that there is a color tone difference in the fabric, depending on the point of view and the difference in illumination.

Washing Instructions

The products must be washed in a short wash program at 30°C by turning them upside down.*No other fabric of different color and quality should be added during washing.*Bleach, whitening and stain remover should never be used in products, including light colors and white.*Products should not be dried in direct sunlight. If drying by hanging, the product should be hung upside down.

Cleaning Instruction

Never leave your product stained.*Before starting the cleaning process, remove the dust on the product.*Clean the liquid substances by absorbing them with an absorbent cloth or paper towel, and remove the solid substances without damaging the fabric.*Clean the product with a white soapy swab without pressing.*Do not clean your product with machines or tools that will damage the product, such as a carpet washing machine or a hard brush.*Do not dry under direct sunlight.*Note: Products with an easy-to-clean feature can be cleaned more easily.